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Rogue Research Inc.

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Rogue Research has been your partner in neuroscience research for over 20 years. As developers of the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation systems for non-invasive brain stimulation, we have helped make transcranial magnetic stimulation more accurate and more reproducible while keeping it simple and effective. 20 years and 600 laboratories later, Brainsight® continues to evolve to meet the needs in non-invasive brain stimulation and has expanded into functional brain imaging. Brainsight NIRS combines the power of neuronavigation to ensure accurate placement of NIRS optodes with our NIRS hardware that incorporates low-profile, TMS, MRI and MEG compatible.

Rogue Research has expanded beyond navigation to develop our own, next-generation, TMS device: Elevate™ TMS. Elevate™ TMS offers control over the pulse shape to ensure more reproducible excitatory or inhibitory effects on the targeted network. While Brainsight® ensures accurate targeting and Elevate™ TMS ensures reliable circuit interaction, Rogue Research is actively developing a robotic positioner to ensure that the plan is accurately and efficiently carried out. The unique design will ensure reachability and simplicity.

Rogue Research also offers our Brainsight® Vet line of neurosurgical navigation tools including our microsurgical robot. We also offer custom and MRI compatible implants, a line of MRI coils and testing chairs.