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Navigating the Meeting

VSS is excited to launch V-VSS 2021. We are committed to providing a virtual experience designed to deliver the high-quality research that you have come to expect at VSS.

V-VSS is being held in our Gather.Town beach-side venue at: https://gather.town/app/PXlfeRxSBUOF474X/VSS2021

Apart from the Public Lecture, all live events can be accessed from Gather.Town. It is available 24/7 to attendees and has numerous private spaces for meetings, and game areas on the beach front. Take time to explore this space, created by our talented SPC Gather.Town committee spear-headed by Kate Bonnen and Matt Boring.

In addition to Talk Sessions and Posters, attendees to V-VSS 20201 are invited to Keynote Lectures, Symposia, Award Talks, Meet the Professors, a Student Post-doc Committee (SPC) organized event on Open Science and even Club Vision!

Although we are meeting online instead of in-person, coffee breaks in our virtual lobby and courtyard will allow attendees an opportunity for social interaction, networking, and connecting with colleagues.

Below are descriptions of session formats and how to access and participate in sessions. One advantage of the virtual meeting is that recordings of all presentations will be accessible online until August 31, 2021. You will never have to miss a session!

Talk Sessions

All live talk sessions will be held using Zoom Webinar and will be captioned. Scientific Talks will be in a 'simulated live' format in which pre-recorded videos of talks will be played at the scheduled time. During the videos, presenters will be able to answer questions through the Q&A function. After the videos, presenters will answer questions live in Zoom. Video recordings will be available online after each session and viewable through August 31, 2021.

How to Join Talks at V-VSS 2021

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions will take place in the V-VSS Gather.Town venue.

In Gather.Town, you will have your own avatar that you can maneuver around the virtual conference center. Just like an in-person meeting, posters are numbered and labeled so that you can go directly to a specific poster or just stroll the aisles and browse. To view a particular poster and speak with the presenter, simply walk your avatar toward the poster title.

Press 'x' to display the poster. You can talk to the author and any colleagues present in the private space around each poster board.

Gather.Town is a fun way to virtually simulate an in-person meeting (you even get to choose your avatar's outfit for the day). For more information about navigating your way through Gather.Town, see our Gather Guide and our Gather Quick Start Guide.

There is one Gather.Town link for the entire VSS 2021 meeting. It does not change. Bookmarking this URL after your first visit will make subsequent visits easy. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Gather.Town.

How to Attend a Poster Session during V-VSS 2021

To attend Poster Sessions, click the Go to Gather.Town link. This link can be found:

How to View Posters Outside of Scheduled Poster Sessions

At any time during the meeting, you can navigate to individual poster presentation pages to view the abstract, poster PDFs, and optional open-captioned video tours. The presentations will be made available a few days before the start of V-VSS 2021 so that attendees will have a chance to plan their itinerary by bookmarking sessions and posters. Poster PDFs and Poster Tour videos are available through August 31, 2021.

Other Sessions

Coffee Breaks and Virtual Lounge

Yes, there are even Coffee Breaks! Just like an in-person meeting, attendees can enjoy a cup of coffee with colleagues between sessions. Join your fellow attendees in the Gather.Town courtyard to discuss the research or simply catch up with old friends. Stroll the lobby and as your avatar nears another attendee or cluster of attendees, you will be connected on live video chat. Want to find a specific friend? Your screen will show a list of everyone present in Gather.Town. Click on who you want to meet, and a line will guide you straight to them. BYOC (Bring your own coffee)!

You are welcome to visit the Virtual Lobby and Courtyard in Gather.Town at any time. Like any VSS meeting, the courtyard area is where attendees can arrange to meet up with old friends or make new ones.

Virtual Exhibit Booths

V-VSS 2021 would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors and exhibitors, many of whom have prepared special videos for V-VSS attendees. Please be sure to visit their virtual booths in the V-VSS Gather.Town lobby.

If your favorite exhibitor isn't available, leave them a comment or question on the contact sheet by the booth's "bouquet of flowers".

Creating Your Itinerary

To help you plan your time at V-VSS 2021 the V-VSS 2021 website lets you bookmark sessions and posters you're interested in. Here's how:

  1. Log In using your MyVSS Account credentials (email and password).
  2. Navigate to any session or poster page and click the bookmark icon. A green bookmark icon means the session or poster has been bookmarked.
  3. Select My Itinerary from the Schedule menu to see your bookmarks.

To remove a bookmark, click the green bookmark icon.

Set Your Time Zone

Your current time zone is displayed at the top-right of every page. To see session times in your time zone, log in and click Change to set your local time zone. If you're not logged in, or have not set your time zone, times are displayed in Florida time (Eastern Daylight Time, EDT).