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Meet the Professors

Tuesday, May 25, 12:00 - 1:00 pm EDT, Sandpiper

A session is also scheduled for Friday.

Students and postdocs are invited to the fifth annual Meet the Professors event. This is an opportunity for a free-wheeling, open-ended discussion with members of the VSS Board and other professors. You might chat about science, the annual meeting, building a career, or whatever comes up.

Each one-hour session will be divided into two 30-minute Zoom breakouts so that participants will have the opportunity to interact with two different professors within each session. Students may attend both Friday and Tuesday session.


Members of the VSS Board are indicated with an asterisk*, in case you have a specific interest in talking to a member of the Board.

Marlene Behrmann (Carnegie Mellon University) studies high-level vision in normal and brain-damaged (e.g. hemispherectomy) patients to elucidate the nature of visual computations, their topography, and the opportunity for plasticity. (Recipient of the 2020 Davida Teller Award)

Timothy Brady (University of California, San Diego) studies visual working memory, visual long-term memory, ensemble perception, scene perception, visual learning, and how all of these things intersect, with a focus on behavioral approaches and computational models. (Recipient of the 2020 VSS Young Investigator Award)

Karla Evans (University of York) studies visual attention and memory and cross modal perception using a variety of methods that allow for translating basic research findings to address real-world questions.

Chaz Firestone (Johns Hopkins University) studies how visual perception interacts (and fails to interact) with higher-level cognition, as well as how vision science interacts (and could better interact) with neighboring fields, including artificial intelligence, developmental psychology, and the philosophy of perception.

Michelle Greene (Bates College) studies the time course of perceiving scene and object categories.

Wei-Ji Ma (New York University) studies a wide diversity of topics in perception and cognition with a computational angle. Recent interests include thinking ahead in complex games, suboptimal inference, and visual working memory.

Maria Olkkonen (Durham University & University of Helsinki) studies color perception and color constancy, in particular how statistical color knowledge is learned and used to estimate object color.

Martina Poletti (University of Rochester) studies how attention and eye movements contribute to visual perception and how they are controlled at the foveal scale. (Recipient of the 2021 VSS Young Investigator Award)

Fabian Soto (Florida International University, Miami) studies how existing visual representations shape the mechanisms of learning and generalization that are deployed in a particular task, and how in turn learning modifies visual representations. His research combines psychophysics, computational modeling, and neuroimaging.

Viola Störmer (Dartmouth College) studies spatial and feature-based attention, how attention shapes perception, cross-modal interactions between audition and vision, and the capacity and structure of visual working memory. Her research draws on a variety of methods, including psychophysics, experimental psychology, and human electrophysiology (EEG).

Maarten Wijntjes (Delft University of Technology) studies the depiction and perception of material properties in the context of visual communication design, digital humanities, and the arts.

Jonathan Winawer (New York University) studies how spatial and temporal visual information is encoded in the nervous system, with an emphasis on linking psychophysical measurements to anatomy and models of neural processing.