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Welcome to V-VSS 2021

Over the past months, you – our community of vision scientists – have overcome the significant challenges presented by the pandemic and contributed the research and ideas that will allow us to experience the scientific excitement and camaraderie that are the hallmarks of our annual meeting. Thanks to the work of the Board of Directors, Meeting Perfect, the Student-Postdoc Committee, and many others, we have created a meeting that will enhance scientific communication and exchanges, while providing opportunities to interact with vision researchers all over the globe, and at all professional levels.

Innovations for V-VSS 2021 include improved accessibility by captioning oral presentations, and 'live' poster sessions with video walk-throughs available throughout the meeting. We are hosting our first "Just-in-Time" poster session for undergraduate presenters and encourage all attendees to visit and see what these young scientists have accomplished. We are keeping the tradition of our Public Lecture, virtually, with outreach focused on the communities surrounding our conference home to preserve and develop our networking in this region.

The meeting will be hosted through "Gather.Town", a fun virtual venue that will give you the opportunity to experience each session live, hold impromptu meetings, chat with friends in the courtyard, have a beverage at the tiki hut and hang out on the beach (complete with the sound of surf and dolphins). This important aspect of the meeting would not be possible without the dedication and creativity of our GT crew: Matt Boring, Kate Bonnen, Stacey Aston and Brendan Ritchie.

Thank you for coming to the meeting, and for sharing your science, your ideas and your continuing friendship. See you soon!

Laurie Wilcox, VSS President

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